Data Storage Media

Toner Plus's expertise is not limited to just ink and toner products but also encompasses other IT supplies.Today's office is becoming more and more in-tune with technology. You need a supplier with the right infrastructure and support to ensure all your electronic media is readily at hand. All brands can be ordered or procured via our easy to use e-commerce website, e-mail order or phone order.We deliver supplies for tape drives such as LTO, DLT, DDS and Travan, Zip media and CD media from many OEM-leading manufacturers. These include such brands as Hewlett Packard, Iomega, Sony, Verbatim, Imation, IBM, Exabyte, Fuji and Digital. Be sure to speak with our specialist data storage representative for all you electronic storage media needs.


Versatile, reliable, and high performance tape technology

LTO (Linear Tape-Open) Ultrium Technology is optimized for high capacity and performance with exceptional reliability in either a stand-alone or an automated environment. It uses a single reel cartridge to maximize capacity. Ideally suited for backup, restore, and archive applications, the LTO tape format establishes a new benchmark for large volume backup and archive. LTO technology will meet the needs of the enterprise through single-server user on a roadmap, or migration path that extends well into the next decade.

The LTO Ultrium format offers exceptional investment protection. As an open-tape solution, the LTO Ultrium format has gained widespread industry acceptance from leading tape drive, media, and automation companies. More than 30 licensees have already demonstrated their endorsement of the technology.

LTO-4 drives and media are now available. At 800 GB native capacity and 120 MB/sec native transfer rate, you can double the performance of your library by simply upgrading your drives. Talk to your Toner Plus specialist data storage representative for more information on getting the most out of your tape library with LTO-4 technology.

What are the benefits of using LTO in a tape library?

  • Unparalleled tape backup scalability accommodates a wide range of system formats.
  • Easily integrates into current operating environments.
  • Six generation roadmap protects your investment today and in the future.
  • Migration paths focused on increasing maximum transfer rates to reduce backup window.
  • Simplified product planning means faster cycle time for new features
  • Compliance testing ensures that LTO Ultrium drives and media cartridges conform to the specification to deliver data interchange among multiple vendors' products.